Climate change significantly (and often negatively) impacts the water cycle. Unusual changes in weather patterns directly affect the amount and quality of available water.  Flooding: Increased water flows & precipitation leads to increased runoff, which increases the amount of industrial and agricultural pollutants from land activities that end up in source water. Much of this increased pollution is not treated by local water treatment facilities, and passes through [...]

We’re here to reveal the 5 Most Common Myths About Water Quality. This post may be shocking. (70% of our readers say it is.) First, a 6th myth that didn’t make our list: Myth: “The government agencies and powers that be can handle water quality monitoring, and there’s nothing for me to do.” Fact: The President’s Council on Science and Technology, plus many other institutions, have all called for an increase [...]

On March 22, millions of people around the world celebrated United Nations World Water Day. You probably saw posts on your Instagram Account that looked like this: As we remember communities around the world who still need access to clean water, we’d like to include one more set of photos for your consideration: World Water Day is observed annually on March 22 to raise awareness about how [...]

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