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We are the Guardians of H2O.

That’s why we’re building a future where everyone has access to real-time water quality data so they can protect their health. When we gather more hyperlocal data points and build a water quality forecast – the same way meteorologists build a weather forecast – we’ll be able to monitor water quality in real-time, predict (and even prevent!) water-related crises BEFORE people get sick. That will make the world a safer place to live – from your local neighborhood where you live, work and play, to the farthest communities who suffer from insufficient resources and crumbling infrastructure.

You can help us raise the standard of water quality for all. Just by testing your home’s tap water Join us on this journey. Become a Guardian of H2O.

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Take Action to Help Save Lives.

When you participate in the Water Genome Project™, you’re joining forces with millions of other people who are helping us map water quality down to the street level – so we can predict water-related crises before they occur, protect the health of millions of Americans, and #preventanotherflint.

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The Future of Water, Powered by You.

Check your local water score using our AquaScore™ web app, and see how your community’s water ranks. You’ll also be able to see how contaminants in your water may be impacting your health.

Water Stories told by our very own Guardian of H2O.

Listen to our Founder’s story and why water is important, how it impacts our health and what you can do to help.

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How Healthy is Your Water?

7 out of 10 Americans are being impacted by some form of water contamination. But our systems are not set up to give us real-time notifications if something changes in our local water quality. Check your water quality instantly here.

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Check your AquaScore™ for FREE to see how your local water compares to other communities. (Don’t worry, you don’t need a degree in chemistry to understand it!)

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Join our Guardians of H2O Community to see how changing water quality impacts us all every day (just like changes in weather affect us all) and learn what can do to help save lives.

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Test and protect your home with our Water Genome Lab Test. You’ll get a full personalized report for your home’s water quality AND help us build AquaHubs for water monitoring in your community.

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Frequently asked questions

The AquaScore™ is a drinking water quality index based on a 0-100 scale. The higher your score the better. It’s designed to help make it easy for anyone to understand the current state of their local water.

Enter your zip code to find out the score in your area.

The AquaScore™ uses the EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Levels (MLC) in order to evaluate the overall quality of the water.

The contaminant results come from the local public water systems that supply the zip code.

Visit our marketplace and select from a range of different testing options.

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