Aquagenuity™ helps everyday people monitor water quality in real-time (without a degree in chemistry).


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Take the Pledge

Water quality impacts us all in personal ways. It’s the water we drink, cook with, and bathe our children with. Aquagenuity™ is adopting local schools to protect kids’ health and map the water ecosystem down to the neighborhood level. To do that, we need the help of citizens and major corporations. Take the pledge to test your home’s water, adopt a local school, and join your community’s Water Guard.

The Aquagenuity Platform

How It Works

01 Data Mining

Aquagenuity™ aggregates hard-to-access, publicly available water quality data for all 42,000+ zip codes in all 50 states. This is the only database listing all test results, EPA violations, and known toxins - all in one place. Over 50 million records and counting.

02 AG Analytics

Based on our award-winning water quality database, Aquagenuity™ correlates related data and uses proprietary algorithms, analytics, and machine learning to provide useful insights from previously obscure and unstructured water data.

03 Real-time Water Score
Based on our internal analysis, we generate the proprietary AquaGenius AquaScore™, that makes it easy for anyone to understand the current state of their local water in real-time. Our score can be displayed and integrated into any smart device, and accessed through our consumer app. This is the only database listing all test results, EPA violations, and known toxins - all in one place.
What’s In Your Water

Check Your Water Quality

Aquagenuity™ makes it simple and convenient to check your home’s water quality and understand how it changes over time, what it means for your health, and what you should do about it. Check your home’s water quality today.

Why It Matters

Water Quality in the
Last Mile

After water leaves your local water treatment plant, it still has to travel the last mile to your home’s tap. That’s where crises like Flint occur. In fact, your water quality changes about as often as the weather. Learn more about how to track water quality in the Last Mile.



Our bodies are 60-70% water. It’s time to start monitoring what’s in the water we drink, bathe our children in, and cook with. In real-time.

At Aquagenuity™, we believe that every smart citizen has the right to know what’s in the water we drink. We believe humans should not be the sensors that alert us to major water crises. So instead, we created an app for that.