Thes Aquagenuity™ App lets you know what’s in your water and what that means for your health. It lets you know what type of filter you need and searches real estate or restaurants by water quality. The app can be personalized to provide real-time water quality monitoring and access to historical water quality data, not just in your general area, but all the way down to your tap.

Aquagenuity™ was selected as one of seven technologies protecting the world’s waterways by Ocean Visions, a collaboration of the United Nations’ UNESCO, the Smithsonian, MIT, and the Georgia Aquarium. All because we’re the first in the world using big data to provide real-time insights into water quality for consumers, corporations, and smart cities.

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Doll Avant

Founder & CEO

Featured by Forbes, WIRED, and Ocean Visions (collaborative of the Smithsonian, MIT, Georgia Aquarium, and the United Nations UNESCO),

Doll Avant is a Harvard-trained data scientist, economist, and TEDx Speaker. She was internationally recognized as a Google “Woman of Water” for her work creating “the world’s largest water database.”

Chris Jones

Co-Founder & COO

Chris “Jonesy” Jones, Kellog MBA, is an internationally-recognized blockchain expert and tech veteran who has led a startup to a successful exit and led as CMO and senior marketing strategist for Adidas, Mattel, Boost Mobile, and Dragonchain, (blockchain boutique shop born inside of Disney).

Lidia Lidell

Chief Experience Officer

Eric Fears

Chief Innovation Officer