Watch the TED Talk that started it all.

Doll Avant, Founder and CEO, talks about how Aquagenuity™ was founded and her passion to create the schema for a proprietary database that could make water quality data accessible and actionable for non-technical users.

… the world’s largest water database.


… taking on America’s water crisis.


… thousands with more lead than Flint.


Entrepreneurship is 21st-century activism… this is how we shift and move society forward.

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The “Google Search” for water quality, helping you check your water as easily as you check the weather.

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…allows users to take any smart device and track water quality and monitor their environment in real time.

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The first step to preventing another Flint-like crisis is a desire to take more responsibility for monitoring our own water.

Recognized as a “unique, transformative solution” saving the world’s waterways and achieving global impact.


The Harvard-educated data scientist has developed a water quality analysis platform helping monitor water sources.