Aquagenuity’s mission is to reimagine water quality monitoring and make data accessible and meaningful for all. We imagine a world where you have real-time information about water quality and how it’s impacting your health – now, when you need it, not after an entire community gets sick. We’re building that world with our series of Home Checkup Water Quality tests – what we call the future of water – and you can help us. Aquagenuity® has made it easy to get a full analysis of water quality down to the tap, without ever leaving home.

Aquagenuity™ was selected as one of seven technologies protecting the world’s waterways by Ocean Visions, a collaboration of the United Nations’ UNESCO, the Smithsonian, MIT, and the Georgia Aquarium. All because we’re the first in the world using big data to provide real-time insights into water quality for consumers, corporations, and smart cities.

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Doll Avant

Founder & CEO

Doll Avant is an award-winning data scientist, graduate of Harvard University, & TEDx speaker. Doll is Founder & CEO of Aquagenuity™, the “Google Search for water quality,” which has been recognized by Forbes, Reuters, TechCrunch, and WIRED Magazine as the first app to help consumers check water quality as easily as you check the weather by answering the question “What’s In Your Water?” in real-time.

Doll was honored by Google with the global designation of “Google’s Woman of Water” for building the “world’s largest water database.” Doll was named a Global Impact Fellow by Singularity at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley; she has also received awards for entrepreneurship and technology innovation from JP Morgan, UBS, Coca-Cola, SoftBank, and Jack Daniels. Doll is the host of #humanityovereverything, a new podcast + blog celebrating everyday citizens who use technology and ingenuity to make the world a better place.

Chris Jones

Co-Founder & COO

Chris “Jonesy” Jones, Co-Founder & COO, is a patent holder and an internationally recognized expert in blockchain. A Georgetown alum with an MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern, Jonesy has a strong exec background, having served as a senior marketing executive for Adidas, Mattel, Boost Mobile, CMO of Dragonchain (formerly of Disney) & more. Chris is also a tech veteran and has achieved a successful exit of a previous start-up.

Lidia Liddell

Chief Experience Officer

Lidia Liddell is a graduate of Florida International University. She is a Digital Brand Strategist with over 7 years of experience infusing creative idea-based culture and consumer-centric vision into companies like Delta (#75 on the Fortune 100) and Accent Healthcare. Lidia specializes in working with cross-functional teams to identify requirements, set design goals, study users, and craft experiences that translate business and user needs into highly engaging experiences. She possesses a passion for digital trends and innovation, combined with a sound understanding of user experience practices. Lidia excels at identifying the middle point where business goals harmoniously meet consumer engagement and excitement. She has extensive experience in marketing/brand positioning for tech startups and leads Aquagenuity’s content and brand positioning strategy.