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Jamie Doe Liked your Water Score on Facebook

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Jamie Doe Liked your Water Score on Facebook

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What is an AquaScore™?

The AquaScore™ is a drinking water quality index based on a 0-100 scale. The higher your score the better. It's designed to help make it easy for anyone to understand the current state of their local water.

How do I get an AquaScore™?

Enter your zip code to find out the score in your area.

What is the AquaScore™ based on?

The AquaScore™ uses the EPA's Maximum Contaminant Levels (MLC) in order to evaluate the overall quality of the water.

Where do the contaminant results come from?

The contaminant results come from the local public water systems that supply the zip code.

How can I get my water tested?

Visit our marketplace and select from a range of different testing options.

How does the level of the contaminants compare to the EPA contaminant limits?

After entering a zip code, please select the "View Details" link for more information on that contaminant including health risk information and comparison to EPA limits.

Why was the AquaScore™ created?

We want to give individuals the information so that they can make the best decisions for their own health and the health of their families.

What does PPM stand for?

PPM stands for “parts per million” and it is a unit of measure for contaminants found in water. It is sometimes represented at milligrams/liter (mg/l) as well.

Can I get a score for my own home?

Yes, you can get a personalized AquaScore™. Visit "Check My Water" and select "New Water Sample". Input your results from our water test kits or submit to us your own lab results and we'll return to you your AquaScore™.

What contaminants does the EPA regulate for?

Here you can find information on the EPA’s drinking water regulations, maximum contaminant levels, etc.