Take the Pledge

Aquagenuity Water Genome Project™

Companies who pledge support for The Water Genome Project™ are leading global organizations committed to taking a stand to help make “clean water for all” a reality in communities around the world.

Interested in helping us take The Water Genome Project™ to more communities via regional or national sponsorship? Contact us.

This is How We Change the World.

Aquagenuity™ is on a mission to make sure every citizen has access to real-time water quality data, all the way down to the tap.

The Water Genome Project™ is the world’s first initiative to map water quality at the hyperlocal level to help protect public health for millions and fulfill United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #6.

Take the pledge and help us bring this project to every local community.

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Building an Alliance for Water Quality

You Can Choose One of 3 Levels of Action:

Take the Corporate Pledge.

When your company, organization, or non-profit takes the pledge, you’re simple stating:

  • We believe everyone has a right to clean water.
  • We pledge to use water resources responsibly.
  • We believe there should be transparency for water quality data.

That’s it! Take a stand for clean water.

Adopt Local Schools in Your Area.

As you take the corporate pledge, you can also choose to adopt local schools to make sure they get access to basic testing kits – this way, we can map the local water ecosystem down to the neighborhood level and provide ongoing water quality monitoring to protect kids’ health.

To adopt local schools, simply select the school option when you sign the pledge!
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Become a Water Ambassador.

For individuals and concerned citizens, you can help us spread the word about the Water Genome Project and bring the program to local schools where you live! Help us map water quality in your city or local area, nominate your school or community for The Water Genome Project, or host a roundtable!

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